Friday, May 23, 2008

Learning to Fly

Bonjour from the city of brotherly love! I am currently stuck in the Philadelphia airport and expect to be here for another four hours. Ah... the joys of air travel!

Today started really early. I woke up around 4 and could not go back to sleep. I made it to the airport in Tallahassee with family in tow. They all came to see me off despite the early hour, which was really wonderful especially the fact that Fraz was willing to wake up so early. I made it to Charlotte without any delays or problems and spent about four hours wandering around the Charlotte airport. The airport in Charlotte is very nice, but there is definitely not enough there to entertain anyone for four hours. By this time, I was desperately in need of a nap and those awful airport chairs are not conducive for sleeping. Consequently, I slept for most of my flight from Charlotte to Philly and even slept through takeoff which always surprises me that I am able to do this considering I'm a fairly light sleeper. Anyways, now I am awaiting my flight from Philly to Brussels. I will probably wander around the airport here some more. There are a lot more shops here, but there's only so much time you can kill looking at knick-knacks.

I'm dreading the eight hour flight to Brussels and the having to sleep on the plane. Luckily, I have a bulkhead seat (I think) so at least I will be a little more comfortable. We'll see if it helps at all.

I guess I will close for now because I don't want to bore you all with my ruminations on the carpet here at the Philly airport (sound familiar Haley or Leah?). Hopefully later blogs will be more interesting to read.

Love to all,


Anonymous said...

you won't have me to bother you on the plane ride overseas this time!!! hopefully you got some sleep--do you remember when we flew to London, I was stuck behind two very...nice...people who had to ask for seat belt extensions?? i did not get any sleep, needless to say. I miss you already :D

Mary and Bob said...

Dear Court:

Sounds to us like your off to a good start. While your trip was long and tiring, we're sure it will be the experience of a lifetime. We head out early Saturday morning (2 AM) for our annual visit to Myrtle Beach. We will miss your attendance and think of the dull time you must be having in seeing the world. We appreciate you starting your blog as it serves as an excellent communications vehicle. Stay away from the boys over there but have a great time. By the way, if Tim is with you, that's okay with Aunt Mary and me. Have a wonderful trip!

Love You,
Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob

Susan said...

Hi Courtney!

I have been reading your blogs and finally have a moment to email you to say hi! Your experiences are fascinating; I am enjoying your trip vicariously. It was great to hear that you all went to Brugges; that was one of my favorite places we went to last summer. The day we were there it rained the entire day, so we were not able to walk about very much. We did take a ride through the narrow streets on a horse drawn carriage, which added to the charm and sense of history of all the preserved buildings, lace curtains, and stone streets. I am so glad you all had a good day there.

Just had to also tell you that your journals/blogs are really fun to read. I can almost taste the bread and cheese you had in Paris!! They do know how to make delicious bread, don't they!!! The croissants were out of this world; I cannot bear to eat the American version after tasting the real thing last year.

I too was taken by surprise by the expectaion that you bring your own grocery bag when shopping. The first time it happened, I was dumbfounded. : ) The clerk took my money, gave me my change, and then left me standing there staring at my merchandise on the counter. You probably know exactly what I am talking about.

What with all the new awareness of the need to be more "green" in our lifestyle, I have been TRYING to train myself to carry my own reusable bags when I go to Publix. Needless to say, I do foget to bring them in to the store with me often. Old habits die hard when you get on in years!!

One other quick comment, I LOVE your titles for your entries!!! They are fun and add a little humor right off the bat. You are a very good writer!!

Today is, of course, the Fourth of July! So greetings from yoru homeland on our country's birthday. Joe and I are going to have dinner out at the Watermillian Plantation and then, of course, do our own fireworks!! Jimmy stayed in Gville this weekend, and i think so did Anna. It is Alex Jess's birthday, so there was going to be a double birthday, counting the US!

I hope that the rest of your trip and your time with your mom are a continuation of a fabulous experience!! Good luck with everything.


Sue Doker