Wednesday, June 11, 2008

3 X 5

Bon soir tout le monde! (That's good evening everyone en francais in case you were wondering.)

Not much to report on since my last blog except that I had my first exam yesterday. Basically I spent Monday studying as much as possible and Tuesday decompressing from all the nervous anxiety that exams bring with them. But, it is over now and I actually did a lot better than I had thought.

After the exam, Dr. Kreppel took us to a really neat cafe in a part of town we had never been to before. Dr. Kreppel is flying out tomorrow morning and we will have a new professor for the rest of our stay here in Brussels so this little party was a farewell for her. The cafe was really neat because it was in the art nouveau style, which Brussels is famous for. Buildings here are not all done in this style, so you have to keep your eyes open and be on the look out to spot it. The cafe was on a whole street of art nouveau buildings which was really neat and beautiful.

Other than that, there isn't much to fill you all in on. I do have some good news however... I have finally gotten a chance to post my pictures from the trip thus far. Some of them have descriptions (if you have time to read them), which tell you what things are, what's going on, etc. I don't have all my Amsterdam pictures up yet though because the first day I was incredibly stupid and left my camera in the hotel room. Luckily, one of the girls on the trip was nice enough to take pictures for me so I'll get those up as soon as I steal them from her. The link to my pictures is: To see the photos, you have to click on the albums to the left on your screen. There should be ones for Amsterdam, Bruges, and Brussels. I'll try to put up new pictures as often as possible and I'll try and tell you when I do so you can go look at them.

I hope everyone is having a great week so far and I hope you all enjoy my pictures. (I'm trying to get myself to take more and get more with people in them so that is my assignment for the next couple weeks.)

Love to all!

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Mary and Bob said...


Sounds like you are having quite an adventure. Aunt Mary and I say Hi and hope you are really into your experience. We had a wonderful time in Myrtle but most everyone had the sickies for a day or two. Have no idea what was going around. We missed your smiling face but understand you are most likely having a better time than what we had planned in Myrtle. Have you seen Tim? I wrote him a letter and told him where to find the best Florida U. Girl in the World! If you haven't heard from him yet, keep your fingers crossed and he will appear. Seriously, Aunt Mary and I send our love and best wishes for what appears to be an ultimate experience. Are you sure your not a Republican?

Love You,

Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob